Sunday, March 20, 2011

Song #11: Seven

The eleventh song, entitled... Seven. The long story short is: Evan, noticing that I have recently been using my Korg synthesizer as more of an elaborate inscence holder than a keyboard, asked if he could bring it down to his house and fiddle around with it and that is exactly what happened. It was only a couple days later that he showed me a heart thumping groove that he had come up with, in 7/4 time no less- the groove sounded heavy, a little dark, a little hopeful, and crawling with character so for me it was love at first listen. Once again Evan has amazed me with his ability to stretch so naturally in any musical direction, that’s my kind of musician.

The 7/4 time signature is not the easiest to work with- as far as lyrics are concerned I had to find completely unintuitive spots to plant my words in. At the same time the 7/4 time signature is really only difficult because we have all spent our lives immersed in a culture which really only acknowledges one time signature, particularly in popular music, that being 4/4. It is not only an interesting experience to work in 7/4 but listening to a song in 7/4 is a equally intriguing.

After listening through the song a few times Evan and I both agreed that it needed some amazing drum work at the end, something really incredible, something that neither Evan nor I would be able to pull off... luckily I have an amazing friend who is also an amazing drummer- I like to call him Bread Beard but to most he is known by the name Syd Beagle. Syd was the drummer for my last band LuciDream and is currently creating and performing some amazing stuff with the band Reckoner, he is also an all around solid human being- so when I asked him if he might be able to throw down some drums for the finale portion of this song, he went ahead and made it happen! What Syd came up with at the end of this song is god damn amazing... THANK YOU SYD!!! Well, enough chatter from me... this song is about another sleepless night in the life of an insomniac who spends his time walking the streets of his mind. Om. Love. Good night.

Title: Seven
Length: 6:23
Contributions: Syd Beagle on god-like drums

My friends are full blooded fools,
With their cartwheels on the concrete at midnight,
Abandoned the bar-rooms and stools,
To stand up to that shit that don’t sit right.
Fluorescent city relentless,
The cabs and their horns are caffeine.

Might as well walk through these...
Concrete canals are in labour,
And the babies are learning to scream.

Their faces are faintly...
Familiar, forgotten, forsaken,
The portraits on these city streets.

The Dreamer is working the night shift,
And the night wont rest.
The Sleeper has gone back to bedlam,
Inside his head.

I don’t like the way he's looking at me ma,
Neon lights and shifty eyes got me feeling,
I don’t like the way he's got us running from the,
Don’t ya think his anger looks a lot like mine,

Fluorescent city...

Relentless so I’m running,
Lights camera comfort and the,
Monks on the corner,
Issue tickets if you're rushing,
Yesteryear is something,
silent shadow in the back,
So my panic button,
That I wear begins to flash.

Concrete canals are in...

Labour keeps it moving,
Only birth on these electric,
Streets and all that’s human,
Shuffles on and shuffles past,
I can see the kids,
Drowning all their toys in gas,
Letting sulphur wander,
To the friction on the match.

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  1. oooooooo.....

    Concrete canals are in labour,
    And the babies are learning to scream.

    and the way you cut your self off with shhh. mmmmm...

    good call on the drums, and jesus Evan 7/4 time outta no where. salut!