Sunday, March 13, 2011

Song #10: My Garden Fence

SONG #10!!!! How did that happen!? This project has been anything but easy but there is something about reaching the tenth song which makes the next 42 seem that much more attainable. I was in a state of break-down last week and really appreciated the words and energy of everyone who stepped forward to lend some love. I'm going to be experimenting with a new song writing method next week in which I only allow myself to work on the song 2-3 hours per day and I will have to accept whatever is created at the end of those hours. Stay Tuned!

This song entitled My Garden Fence was inspired by an incredibly beautiful day we had this week. I was trying to decide what this next song should be about and so I went out onto my deck to clear my mind. It was a sunny day and the ocean, which you can see through the trees on our property, was dancing with light. At the same time an incredible double-layered rainbow could be seen, so defined and present it looked as if it could support me walking on it! As if that weren’t beautiful enough, a bald eagle came swooping down with a baby eagle close behind it learning to fly and then three small deer came trotting through the back yard.

It was a remarkable experience and yet it is these remarkable experiences of pure beauty that I seem unable to write about in my poems and music. I find that I always need to offer a hint of grey to create an experience of honesty and that if I were to write about an experience as pure and holy as the one described above that it would sound inauthentic, strange I know. So I find myself drawn to the beauty found behind the contrasting experiences that coexist within a given moment. So here is a song about that experience and about an incapability to write about the sun without mentioning the shadows. Enjoy...

Title: My Garden Fence
Length: 4:44
Contributions: The Screaming Room

Cant let that rainbow rest on wide eyed open ocean,
Fall on fault lines, fall on fear lines on the face of some violent angel.
And who are you holy dream to dance upon my garden,
At least the garden fence is looking like it (just) lost its only friend.

But all I see, is gold,
And the first chapter of fairytales,
When the kids, are told,
That the dragon's roar's just distant thunder.

The smile is wide, with no “fuck you's” held behind the curtain,
And the sigh of spring that held its breath for months is letting go...

Dont give me innocence, give me a pacifist that keeps a gun at home.
Dont give me eloquence, I like my Shakespeare soaked in piss and cheap cologne.

As thunder grows to beating wings the mothers with their aprons
Leave flour on their trembling hands and reach for wide eyed children.
But one child races through the village, as the straw roofs feed the fire,
Head strained towards the smoke filled sky he smiles and waves to the beast above him.

And the Gods themselves say damn that’s beautiful.

I used to sit, and hold,
My pen against the workbook page,
Where the dots, were bold,
I'd connect the scattered unrelated.
And from the world,
Of disconnected sparks of madness,
A picture rose, emerging in uncommon beauty,

A single line, drawn between two dots,
A children’s book and the grin of a death row inmate,
And a hint of madness to let the beauty sing.
Without the concrete, the rose is just another pretty thing.

Don’t give me innocence, give me a pacifist that keeps a gun at home,
Don’t give me eloquence, I like my Shakespeare soaked in piss and cheap cologne,
And you can keep your flawlessness, I like a scar or two on the face of every poem.

As gunfire slows to the scent of powder, Christmas in the trenches,
Soldiers crawl from muddy posts against the generals orders,
Thousands rush across no mans land avoiding corpses,
To embrace and share a cigarette with those that they've been hunting.

And the gods themselves said damn that’s beautiful.

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