Friday, March 4, 2011

The Screaming Room

Well my friends, the time has come for this collage of song shrapnel and shards of contribution to collide into a singular entity commonly refered to as... a band. Evan, myself, and our wonderful wives will from this day forward be refered to as...
I wont go into the painstaking process of coming up with a band name but I will leave you with a poem that I wrote years ago which seems to capture the intention or lack of intention that can be found behind our music and which inspired the name of this newly formed band.


Everyone needs a safe place to go crazy in.
A small space with thick walls.
A screaming room.

A single key sanctuary.
An empty room in which one can freely slide between dreams and waking life without farewells to dream madness at bedside sacrifices.
Bare walls.
Empty room bursting with self.
Free to climb walls, laugh fully, and cry loudly.
A place to shake off everything one possibly can.
A naked room to be naked in.
To bare our beauty to four bare walls and bare ceiling.
To sing off key in a hundred different voices.
To explore, to mine, to find every corner of ourselves and turn them inside out so that our soul's lint and antique pennies are devoured by the light of surrender.
A place to be entirely ourselves in all our madness and beauty.
To let go and sprint towards Nirvana.

For outside of that room my spirit is muffled.
If I sing too loudly, the neighbors complain.
If I dance naked while screaming alien syllables in spontaneous languages known only to my tongue,
My own judgments will turn against me.

I want to scream ridiculous chants of self-discovery,
I want to misspell my own name.

I need a small space with thick walls and one key.

A screaming room.

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