Saturday, January 8, 2011

Track 1: The Strange Ones

The first step on this 52 step journey has been completed and although I have definitely had some reservations about this first song I am so happy to have completed it! In fact I think it is safe to say that I actually like this song... not that like or dislike matters within this creative exercise!

It has already been such an educational experience- I got to watch myself as I bounced from one mind space to the next depending on what the voices within my head, and outside my head, had to say about the song. There was a time when Michelle, my wife, came in to my studio space to hear how it was coming along and I got the opportunity to watch as my own opinion of the song swung like a deranged pendulum in direct response to the look on her face as she listened. Then, when I shared it with my good friend Evan, I got to watch as my opinion changed yet again... he loved the song and ever since he told me this I haven’t been able to hear it as anything other than a great song! It really is amazing to watch this process and although it can seem petty and self conscious to be so attached to another’s opinion I believe that this is simply a human’s normal way of operating and to deny this is to place one mask upon another... I also realize that these chains and gags that hold me back are generally unconscious and exist within my blind spots... but sometimes, even if you are unable to see a boat that is in your blind spot, you may be able to catch a glimmer of sun reflecting off a ripple in the water, and observing and questioning that ripple will inevitably lead you to that boat and to a widening of your perspective. I guess that’s what this is about. I noticed something holding me back within the realm of music creation but I know that this is likely just the sun reflecting off a ripple in the water and if I pursue this microcosmic manifestation it will inevitably lead me to whatever holds me back in all areas of my life. Neat.

Well here its... The first song of many. I have never made a song that sounds anything like this... this is a good sign, I am already showing my inner critic who's boss! It probably goes without saying but please feel free to download the track, share it, etc.

Title: The Strange Ones
Length: 3:03

Perfection you’ve bitch slapped my children,
The one with the limp is off crying in the kitchen.
And although I like the red rose on their cheeks,
I shudder to think how that rose came to be...
Perfection you’ve made just one shade of a human,
This beige looked so bold through your stardust illusion.
I glimpsed at the blueprints and saw the debris,
Forced in to acceptable homes by the sea.
And now I just shuffle along calling you helpful,
While prayers perish nightly at the point of your scalpel.
But he said there’s a crack,
Yes he said there’s a crack...

In everything, well here it is,
I’ve found a small weakness between the bricks.
So go head and let the light in,
And make sure to tell the strange ones where it is.

Back in the post war dream,
Covered in the cold from the ice upstream.
Got to be fast or they’ll notice the edge of the mask,
And they’ll see that the mask aint me.
Give me something genius baby,
Give me something real but crazy,
Give me Dylan in a pink Mercedes.
Now give me the opposite,
Fire all the architects,
Send that last prayer back down the oesophagus.

Try and live for the word,
Give to the poor,
Try to pretend that yer sure.
But the act is absurd,
More judges in my head than the skitz on third. Word.


  1. Nice one Jordan! You're right, it's so different from your other songs, but it is awesome! I love all the different parts, love the beginning bit too!

    YAY! What a successful first week :)

  2. p.s. love that you're posting the lyrics too!

  3. Oh god, Jordan, how amazing is this?! I'm glad to see you are trying new styles; this is excellent. I am stoked for next week.

  4. aah incredible jordan! great, great lyrics. your music is always so unique and it's very interesting to see the creative process and how hard you are on yourself - trust in yourself! every line i've ever heard from you is nothing short of genius and i have a feeling you're incapable of anything less, no matter how critical you may be of it. keep it up! the world needs more! 100%!

  5. So many glorious pieces to come. How 'bout that weather?

  6. nice man!
    I wans't to sure what i thought but half through the song i was digging it. great song and cheers for plenty more!!