Monday, January 17, 2011

Song #2: Tattered Shoes

Here it is! I have so much to write about in terms of the creative adventure that I have been on this week, but for now... here is Tattered Shoes...

Title: Tattered Shoes
Length: 7:33
Contributions: Glorious Guitar, Out-of-the-ordinary Organ: Evan Westre. Back-up Angelic Vocals: Michelle Dack, Nicole Monk, and the Bohemian Behemeth Baritone: Evan Westre.

This will be fine,
And holy and holy.

These tree's aren’t mine,
But they know me, they know me.

...Over the stones that are polished by feet,
Beyond the barracks where man and god meet.
Just past the pubs where they're lecturing peace like
"where did you go? Where did you go?"
streetlights are shattered and shrapnel's in bloom,
The stench of the madness. One boy. One room,
One. Window. One smile Cause Joy is something you choose.

(hands outstretched hold them there)
Catching the moment when moments are gone,
Bottled within these empty bottle songs,
Drink and dissolve cause "self" is something to lose.

Joy takes shape in many shadows,
While we point past and pray for joy.
Lay down slow on that bed of arrows,
And let they're passion be my choice.

Who said the raindrops weren’t supposed to make me smile,
And who said I may not want to get soaked for awhile.
I choose, I choose, the joy within these tattered shoes.
To laugh when all is lost and lost is all that’s left to lose.

I knew i knew i knew that face,
It was waiting for me outside of my hiding place.
Oh oh oh I knew that face.
Waiting for me.
Where have you been...

Last time I saw you walked through the room like a dream,
Through the front door and then out the back door seamlessly.
So I ran after you found myself in empty streets. I suppose...
you cant chase after something that never truly leaves.

I’m not interested, in the strand that makes up the seams,
Show me the space between that which we take and that which we...
I need to know how not to need anymore.
I need some paint, a canvas that’s blank, and ten thousand things more.

When this canvas is crowded with colors,
There's no space for a see d.
Let our hands paint holes with pink rubber,
And plant all that we need.

Someone once told me, try to be wise.
Keep your eyes open, there's no such thing as surprise.
Oh that blank moment's got me again,
Again I’ve got myself loaded.

What to believe when we see the back-door never opened.

So I'll leave your scent at the side of the road,
And I'll walk myself, all the way home.
No need for streetlights,
I’m walking with my eyes closed anyways.


  1. AMAZING! This turned out so great... I am so thrilled to have been a part of it. THANK YOU!

  2. Wow, Jordan, You are one talented man! Thanks so much for sharing your gift with the Monk Family. Looking forward to more! Kudos to Michelle, Nicole and Evan also!