Sunday, February 13, 2011

Song #6: Keep It Steady

Well here is song #6... but I use the word "song" VERY loosely. Its more like a couple verses over a few notes... this is what a song sounds like when it ends up being half done... I guess I have to post it anyways... I have been staying in Calgary for the last week teaching programs everyday and planning everynight and blah blah blah blah, complain, whine.... anyways- this is more of an idea of a song, recorded completely on my little black voice recorder... neat.

Title: Keep It Steady
Length: 2:36

Turn off the radio,
There's nothing on.
We've all stopped because the green light that we raced towards is gone.

The morning lie,
The rush hour smudge,
The busiest of times causes chaos to inch forward through the mud.

And I look out,
Into your car,
Red wax upon the thinning lips, wrinkles pulled tight by some blade in some steady hand,
And your steady gaze holds a reckless need to hold steady
keep it steady like a fault line in denial
How you doing? I feel steady. I feel... steady.

And I go ahead and judge the shit out of you...
And creep closer to my fears and further from the truth....

And then its gone,
It all descends- to the sadness
that I find behind those darkened shades this culture keeps you in.
And I fall in love with your courage-
And build monuments in my head,
For your failed search for option 2 when option 1 left you all but dead...

Push out of bed,
Push down the road,
Push through the house of soft depression that we’ve made into home.

The light is green,
And green means go,
Now push like ancient buffalos in the one direction that we know.

Its all cliché,
Its oh so old,
No pain no gain,
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger so its best to suffer...


But keep the good times rolling,
This street can look one way when its the only way were going.
There's a crossed out sign on a door but "Option One" is faintly showing,
But in its place someone wrote the word "survival" and "keep going"
Keep Going Keep Going
Where the hell is door two I'll kick it down if it wont open

All these people that I love have no choice but to keep going,
Born into worlds of hungry clocks that swallow every moment-
There's no time for your hunch the clock's alarm is all that’s certain,
So get on yer feet and walk this one way road with purpose.
And try and stay steady, always steady, try and stay... steady

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