Saturday, February 5, 2011

Song #5: Un Concours de Regard Fixe

Title: Un Concours de Regard Fixe
Length: 8:28
Contributions: Jordan Dack on Vocals. Evan Westre on Guitar, Bass, and Drums. Jordan Dack and Evan Westre on Wine Bottles. Michelle Dack appears as Jordan's personal motivational coach. Caroline Trudel is the official English to French translator on this track.

Take the wise words that we learned last spring,
Gather the poems that we've used...
To carve cafe knapkins into sacred things,
Assemble the 10,000 truths.

Lets take whatever the next storm brings,
And push it through Plato and see if it sings.
And if that raging storm dont sing,
I'll buy you a bottle of something.

I drank from the goblet of jewish kings,
I dove into siddhartha's center.
I pushed through the pages of angel wings,
and attached myself to the feathers,
But what is the use of these sages and kings,
If they leave me in the worst of the weather.

I know that these words arent much my friend,
They love to inspire and to sing,
But when sitting across from wide eyed circumstance,
They... tend... to blink.

So what child is missing, which bulb is out,
This line of lights is too dim.
I checked the connection between the beliefs,
And Im certain I plugged that bitch in.

And if it dont sing, We'll have to rethink.
The table where the theories blink.

Gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha


  1. Love it, love it, love it!!
    Stomping my feet, clapping my hands and singing along!

  2. Thanks Janice! Keep learning those words so we can have a fireside sing-a-long when spring finally gets here!