Sunday, April 3, 2011

Song #13: Too Many Ghosts

Too many ghosts- This song is neat. It is a song about the shields we build in response to unfavorable events of the past, shields used unconsciously in the present as filters through which we interpret the world around us.

Oh perception, you are a fickle beast,
Serving the ghosts of the past,
While using the present to speak.
Boo hiss... Too Many Ghosts.

Title: Too Many Ghosts
Length: 2:45
Contributions: The Screaming Room

Evidence in my head,
Puts you at the scene.
Tampered photographs,
Are clear enough for me.

Whispers from the well,
Were witness to the crime.
Voices young and scared,
I believe them every time.

Oh my insidious mind,
Open to kickbacks and bribes,
Always creates what it finds,
Truth in those plastercine eyes.
Let me shape them, let me change them
with hands of a child.

Evidence in my head,
proves you heard the scream,
Confessions left unsaid...

Boom- the shattering glass past is adamant,
blooms in sharp addicts that grasp to fast batterment.
Whom I ask, tattered the trust and then scattered it,
I hear the gossip of ghosts that got grab of it.

I got a hunch that this hunch is embedded,
Slipped between the covers of some fear I’m in bed with.
Like Sipping on the kool-aid with a cyanide edit.
It tastes so sweet but makes me feel deathish.

Evidence in my head,
Keeps me from your truth,

And I don’t know how,
I could've pulled you down,
and called this truth...
and now I know that the deepest beliefs need to be stripped of their crown.

Too many ghosts to see you now,
Too many words to hear a sound.
This old night, This old morning,
Nothing's true,
But somehow I know you.


  1. I LOVE this song! Thank you for your amazing blog!

  2. Thank YOU Coffee Craver for taking the time to listen. More music to come... 14 hours until song #14.

  3. This song, like many others you have done is so amazing because its so sectional! The mood for me shifts a few times and acts almost as an attention grabber. I love the quicker more rap-like part...reminds me of the strange ones a little bit actually. (which being song #1 is still in my top 3 i think)